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Jones County School Pantry Program

The mission of the School Pantry Program is to help alleviate child hunger in America through the provision of food to children and their families at school. School-based pantries are located on the grounds of a school to provide an easily accessible source of food assistance to low-income students and their families.

School Pantries take place at a consistent location within a school's campus. They have set distribution schedules and offer ongoing food assistance services. School Pantries may have a permanent set up within a school or may operate through a mobile distribution rotation that brings food to a school campus. 

The School Pantry program serves more than 21 million meals to nearly 110,000 children nationwide. Contact your child's Jones County School Counselor for more information on how to receive assistance.

 Mobile Pantry

Jones County, Georgia

 Mobile Pantry for Jones County was formed in the summer of 2009 with the first distribution in Jones County in the month of September 2010.  The need for the Food Distribution and availability of Food was learn from Neil Goodenough, Board member for Middle Georgia Community Food Bank at that time. We discovered that Jones County was an area in need to help people in the community. So Mobile Pantry Jones County was established.  

Neil Goodenough and Sandra Hammack, contacted Central Baptist Association to see if the Association would be interested in working together as a mission project to assist the families in Jones County with food, especially the families with children.  We also learned the food distribution quota set for Jones County was below with Middle Georgia Community Food Bank.  We signed up to be a Mobile Pantry with Middle Georgia Community Food Bank and they furnishes the food for assisting  families in our Jones County area. 

        Sandra Hammack is the director  for Mobile Pantry Jones County and also a member of Middle Georgia Community Food Bank Board of Directors. There is a dedicated  telephone line for anyone to call requesting more information or to request a form to sign up for the Mobile Pantry Distribution for Families with Children. You must provide proof of child or children living in your home.  We also handle the Brown Bags for Seniors and distribute these on the same date as Mobile Pantry distribution.  


Mobile Pantry Jones County



 Mailing address:  For an Application or return of an application with document mail to:   Mobile Pantry Jones County; Attn: Chris Johnson;  PO Box 29, Macon, GA 31202-0029

Notice: Those  who wish to Enrolled in the Mobile Pantry Jones County.  You can call, (478) 314-4460,  the  hours from 9:00am until 4:00pm,  Monday thru Friday, to speak with someone to find out the next Food Box Distribution Date and, Time..   If you need an application mailed to you, will be glad to assist you. If you receive voicemail please leave your name and telephone number along with the nature of your call and someone will return your call.  All messages are checked and returned in order received. Please follow information  on the form to enroll in the program. If copies of documents are not sent back with the form, your application will not be processed.  You will need to come to the next distribution date and bring documents and apply on that date.  

**Copies of information/documents requested must be with completed application form if you choose to mail back application to our address to process your enrollment thorough the mail.

 To Make a Donation click above on the  yellow "Click Here to DONATE" through                               Network for Good  link, which is a secure site,  Yellow button on left of this screen. 

 Donation go to Middle Georgia Community Food Bank where we receive our food from for the people of Jones County. A receipt will be mailed to you and these donations are tax deductible.  Thank you for your Support! 



 Distributing Food to Families with Children Monthly  

Mobile Pantry Jones County Food Box and Senior Brown Bag Distribution Date: Monday, April 8, 2019.  Families enrolled pick up food box anytime between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. North Parking lot of First Baptist Church Gray GA.  Documents of Child or Children in the home are required when you submit an Application to the Mobile Pantry Jones County. If documents are not attached your application will be denied.  Your correct mailing address must be on the application; this is where you receive mail. 

Senior Brown Bag Distribution will be on the same dates and time as listed above.

Food will be distributed as long as food is available during these times. 

Please Do Not Block Entrances TO Church Parking Lots at Church Building Entrances ; Church workers come and go during distribution hours.

Eligibility cards are issued if your application is approved and you must being your eligibility card every month to receive food. Please make sure your address is always current with us. When the current card with dates runs out you will be issued a new card on the distribution date last listed on the card. 

We mail cards once yearly to verify addresses.  We are not responsible for mail not delivered to you by the post  office. If you are having problems receiving your mail please contact the post office.







April 8, 2019

from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Best Time 

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Food is given out as long as available. 


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Mobile Food Pantry for Jones County 

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